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"My kid is really smart, but..."

October 17, 2019 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm
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Twice Exceptionality (2e): When Your Child Has High Ability and Disability

Do any of these statements sound like your child?

  • “He demonstrates exceptionally advanced knowledge and skills in certain areas like math and science, but is unable to keep up with or keep track of his school work, homework or assignments. He also has a hard time dealing with the noises, smells, and large classes at school.”
  • "She was an early and advanced reader, but now that she's in 4th grade, she's struggling to keep pace with her classmates in their reading assignments and she’s falling behind in her learning."
  • “He has deep knowledge in topics of his interest like black holes, engineering, and the environment. I love this about him, but also feel like his eagerness to share his knowledge and poor social skills get in his way of having friends. He badly wants friends, but isn’t able to make them and keep them.”
  • “She has a writing disability, but seems to cope and is taking AP classes in school. She falls apart at home though. Her anxiety about doing perfect work drains her and interferes with the rest of her life.”

If so, they may be twice exceptional. Twice exceptionality (2e) is when a person is both gifted, meaning they have abilities in one or more areas well beyond those of same-aged peers, and has a disability.

Having exceptional ability and disability can create unique challenges and opportunities for the person and those who love and support them. Join us for an introduction to twice exceptionality, and learn the role of strengths-based and whole child strategies, challenging behavior as a communication tool, what to do if you suspect your child is twice exceptional, and insight on the twice exceptional experience from a parent’s perspective.

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About the Presenter:

Amanda Christy is mom to a loving, gregarious, and energetic twice exceptional child. Learning about twice exceptionality was like turning on a light in a very dark room, and it was life-changing. Amanda began 2e Kids ROC in 2018 with the hope of elevating understanding of twice exceptionality in the Rochester region and connecting families of twice exceptional kids. She is also a founding member of the Gifted Education Alliance of New York State (GEANYS), a graduate of New York State Partners in Policymaking, a support parent for Parent to Parent of NYS, and a participant in Starbridge’s Team Up for Positive Change program. Prior to becoming a full-time mom, Amanda held various positions in business analytics and management in the consumer packaged goods industry. Amanda received her B.A. in Economics from Saint John Fisher College and earned a M.S. in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.


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