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Home and Living Supports AdvocacyHow can Starbridge help you?

Starbridge Advocates partner with people who have disabilities and their circles of support to identify the individual’s goals, to share information about all available resources, and to empower individuals and families to know their rights and become successful advocates in their own lives. In some cases, a Starbridge Advocate may provide more intensive support as an individual or family works to address specific issues or concerns.

We support every person's right to choose the living situation that works best for them. We partner with individuals and families to identify options, navigate systems, and connect to resources.

How do you contact an Advocate?

Please use the Contact Us form or call us at 585-224-7359 and leave a message for our Intake Coordinator. The Coordinator will call you back to ask for information about you or the person you are calling about (if you are phoning for someone else) and can connect you with further resources or staff.