High Contrast

Dear Friends:

If you have ever planned a long road-trip, you know it is not enough just to know who wants to go with you. You have to decide on your destination, when you will start, what you would like to do along the way, how you will pay for the trip, and how you will all get along during the journey.

In planning for where Starbridge is headed, we have undertaken a deliberate process to map out a strategy for the next three years. Our intent is to lead the way in serving the diverse, evolving and life-long needs of people who have disabilities.


To achieve that, we have identified four major priorities:

  • Defining and implementing best practices in self-direction, cultural competence, and self-advocacy;
  • Maintaining financial stability while expanding our competencies in strategic areas;
  • Nurturing an organizational culture in which staff live the brand of Starbridge; and
  • Expanding partnerships in our communities.

Ultimately, our goal is to transform our communities so that every person has the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life. It is a bold and compelling vision, and I for one am excited to get this journey underway. I look forward to our travels together.

Best wishes,

colin transparent




Colin Garwood, President/CEO