High Contrast

Jayshawna Israel, a senior at World of Inquiry School in Rochester, has volunteered for Together Including Every Student (TIES) for two years. TIES, a program of Starbridge, provides support to students with developmental disabilities to participate in extracurricular and recreational activities.

Jayshawna TIES volunteerJayshawna has provided support to fellow students while participating in fun activities like canoeing, drumming circles, arts and crafts. She has also supported students in the school library.

Jayshawna describes volunteering as a fun learning opportunity. She comments, "It helped me realize that it's the little things in life that are important. Something little can make someone else so happy." She also appreciated the opportunity for everyone to enjoy an activity together: "With TIES, no one is categorized or isolated. Everyone is doing the same things, having a good time."


 This article originally appeared in Champions, Issue 1, in Summer of 2016.