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Hello Friends:

I hope this message finds you well, and that you are enjoying the beautiful New York autumn.

We conducted a survey earlier this year because we wanted to hear from you: how we are doing and what else you would like to see us doing. We thank you for your participation and feedback.

We are honored that many of you see us as a valuable, essential resource for people who have disabilities, families, schools, and community organizations. Many of you commented that you rely on Starbridge for accurate information, expert guidance, and caring support. We are committed to working to live up to that expectation.

Some of you told us that you have not quite warmed up to the name Starbridge. While we expected it would take a while to catch on, I wonder if you would like to know how we came up with our new name. Over many years, our experience has shown us that people who are reaching out to us are often looking for hope - that their situations can change or improve, that there are possibilities for fulfillment and success. Or they have hope but need to know how - what supports or services can help, what they have the right to expect, who can partner with them. The star in Starbridge represents possibilities, the uniqueness of each person, and aspirations. The bridge represents connections, partnership, and resources. Together, the image of Starbridge provides the hope and the how.

For those of you who shared suggestions for what else you would like to see us doing, we are listening and we will continue to adapt and evolve along the way.

You might be wondering about our annual Celebration of Champions, which typically occurs in the fall. We have moved this gala to May 13, 2017 - mark your calendars! Information about nominations for Community Awards will be coming out soon.

As always, it is our privilege to partner with you, to support you where and when you need us.

Kind regards,colin

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 Colin Garwood, President/CEO