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Cynthia Lynch's face lights up when she talks about her job. As someone who enjoys befriending people and helping them solve problems, she has found the perfect fit in her position as Assistant Manager at Fastrac. She appreciates the opportunity to work as part of a team, and she likes getting to know the customers who come in the store.

Cynthia Lynch and Tim McGowanThe road to her dream job was not always an easy one, and Cynthia worked at a variety of other places before finding her current position. "You learn from your mistakes over time," she comments.

Tim McGowan is an Employment Counselor at Starbridge who has worked in partnership with Cynthia for several years. He comments, "Cynthia has an incredible work ethic. She has progressed so much in terms of maturity and responsibility. She does the right thing, she does what's needed." When things seem overwhelming, or she needs help communicating in difficult situations, Tim serves as a support for her. They work as a team to ensure that Cynthia has the support she needs to succeed.

Cynthia is also looking forward to moving out from her parents' home to her own apartment, as part of her overall goal of greater independence. She values her connection to her family, especially her nephew, James, and niece, Caleigh.

When asked what she enjoy about her job, Cynthia says, "It puts me outside with other people. I like working with diverse people, and I enjoy the community. I also like being able to help people find things that they need."


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