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Hello Friends,

Happy Spring! I am looking forward to warmer days and the start of festival season here in Rochester.

Focus on Education

For families of school-aged children, spring is the season to start planning for the next school year. If you are preparing for meetings with your child’s school team, and need a little advice from our Family Education Specialists, please contact us. Since this is a busy time of year for our Specialists, you can also look at some of our recorded webinars for more general guidance about special education related questions - http://starbridgeinc.org/resources/webinar-recordings

Focus on Employment

With the national unemployment rate so low, many businesses are desperately searching to fill positions. At the same time, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is terribly high. Our Employment team understands the challenges faced both by people trying to get a job, and by employers who would like to hire but aren't sure how to accommodate an employee with a disability.

To support job seekers, Starbridge offers a continuum of employment programs, available depending on the age and current skills of each person. Individuals can build skills through internship programs and supported coaching-style services. Employment Counselors get to know each individual first, and tailor their searches and opportunities to the best possible match.

For businesses, our Employment Counselors build relationships with potential employers to understand their workforce needs, what skills an ideal candidate would have, and how best to support an intern or new employee.

These programs have great results for both employers and employees. Over 50% of participants in our internship program are hired at the end of their internship. Of those who aren’t hired immediately, the majority receive additional support through our supportive program and then proceed to jobs. To find out more, contact Ursula Nicholson, Director of Employment Services.

Focus on Community

On May 21st, we're hosting a half-day conference for human services professionals:

From Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Satisfaction

While people working in helping professions get immense satisfaction from the work we do, we can develop Compassion Fatigue. Presenter Rachel Howard will be here to talk with us about the symptoms of Compassion Fatigue, and how we can prevent and treat burnout both personally and organizationally.

Families and caregivers are vulnerable to fatigue as well. We will host a free workshop the night before to talk about ways to build self-compassion and resilience:

From Fatigue to Resilience

We hope to see you there!

And Thank You

So many of you support our work in so many ways. Whether you are spreading the word about us and our workshops or events on social media, referring friends and family to us, or making donations, you are making a difference for children and adults who have disabilities in our community. Thank you for allowing us to serve you, and supporting us and our work in the ways that you can.

Colin Garwood

Best wishes,

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 Colin Garwood, President/CEO