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Good morning,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m encouraged to see the progress New Yorkers have made in controlling the spread of Covid-19 as we try to safely resume daily living.

Here at Starbridge, we are operating much as we have been for the past 5 months. Our staff continue to serve individuals and families throughout the region. We are grateful for the technology that enables us to stay in touch with you and with each other!

Back to School

back to school stock graphicAugust is typically a time when we focus on “back to school” topics for our workshops and webinars. We are still focusing on back to school and yet we recognize that the start of this school year is unlike anything we have experienced before. If you or a loved one are looking for guidance on topics related to special education supports, you can look at our schedule of online workshops and recorded webinars available for free. If you have questions about your child’s return to school – however that looks – please call our Intake team at 585-224-7359.

We host conferences each year on important topics, and this year our fall conferences will be presented online. We will have more information available soon, but I can tell you we have some big names joining us!

Ready to Work

The job market is difficult for many people right now. Our Employment team has been working throughout, from connecting youth and adults with paid internships to guiding job seekers through the search process to coaching supports on the job.

Research indicates employers report equal or better safety records, turnover and absentee rates, job performance ratings, and equal amount of supervision for employees with disabilities, compared to their peers without disabilities. If you own or manage a business and are looking for qualified employees, we can connect you with job candidates well-suited for those openings. Contact Ursula Nicholson, Director of Employment Services, at 585-224-7342.

photo showing hands of people with diverse skin tones
Commitment to Our Community

Starbridge stands with the Greater Rochester Black Agenda in our commitment to working for racial justice – in our organization and in our community. Racism against Black and Brown communities permeates every system: from healthcare to education to employment to home-ownership to legal systems. Racism is a public health crisis affecting our entire society.

Diversity and Inclusion and Equity are core values to our organization. We are committed to ensuring that we are welcoming to people of all identities and we strive to ensure fairness and justice in all matters.

You will hear from us regularly about how we are advancing diversity, inclusion, and equity in our organization and in our community.

As always, I am grateful for your partnership as we continue to work towards a world that includes everyone.

Kind regards,

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