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Dear friends,

I hope the new year is off to a good start for you, in spite of the continued threat of COVID-19 and the unrest on the national level.

While we are mindful of the many challenges we all face, we want to share some good news with you.

Warfield Square

On December 1st, Starbridge took over the role of housing support agency for people who have developmental disabilities and live at Warfield Square, a high-quality affordable housing development in the EMMA (East Main, Mustard & Atlantic Avenues) neighborhood. Nikisha Ridgeway, Chief Operating Officer, and Michelle Farrands, Director of Residential Services, represent us at Warfield Square. Our goals with this are:

  • Supporting people who have developmental disabilities to have a high-quality non-certified place to live
  • Sharing information about supports and services available to improve people’s lives, such as Self-Directed Services, Employment, Community Hab and our Education services
  • Building our connection with people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities who may be living in poverty

Our involvement at Warfield Square aligns with our mission of partnering with people with disabilities and our strategic goal of better serving marginalized communities.

Starbridge is now a Member Agency of Al Sigl Community of Agencies

AlSigl Logo Member cropEffective January 1st, Starbridge Services, Inc. is now a Member Agency of the Al Sigl Community of Agencies. We are the first new member agency in 34 years, and are excited about the opportunities offered through this partnership.

Starbridge Services, Inc. has been an affiliate member for the past few years. Through this relationship, we have received a number of benefits. Becoming a Member Agency maintains those benefits, plus provides Board representation of Starbridge in the Al Sigl and Al Sigl Foundation Boards, increased visibility in the community, an expanded network of partners and collaborators, and increased fundraising support. In return, we can contribute our unique strengths to the network, especially our Self-Direction, Education, and Employment services and supports.

Al Sigl leaders and staff do not have any role in directing how Starbridge provides services. We are still an independent agency, and decisions about how we provide supports and services are made by our executives and directors in accordance with our contracts and our goals.

This membership is a positive development for Starbridge, for Al Sigl, and – most importantly – for the people we serve.

Kind regards,

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