High Contrast

stock photo cat 

"A person I support had a cat that meant the world to him. A few years ago, because of life circumstances, he was forced to give up his cat. For over a year, anytime he saw a cat or heard about a cat, he would cry.

Volunteer work is one way people often engage in their communities. Since that was a goal of his – and because I knew he missed his cat – I suggested volunteering at a shelter but, at the time, this was unthinkable to him. Over the next year, we talked about volunteering occasionally. Eventually, he agreed to try.

Once he got his volunteer badge, he was proud to show it to everyone.

During his shifts at the shelter, this man pours out so much love to abandoned and hurting animals. He talks to the cats and tells them how special they are. He shares stories about special times with his own cat, like watching fireworks out the window together on the 4th of July.

The bond and connection he feels with the shelter’s cats is great to see. And he’s meeting one of his goals to be engaged in his community in a way that is so meaningful to him.

~ Kristen Monro, Starbridge Community Habilitation Counselor

Starbridge’s Com Hab service assists adults with disabilities to achieve goals, to live as independently as possible, and to make their lives meaningful and worthwhile.