High Contrast

2018 Lilly and Marc

Lilly Flores sees so much potential in her son. “Marc loves meeting new people. He wants to be a construction worker, a mechanic, or a scientist. His interests are anything he can build.”

But at school, it was a different story. Lilly recounts, “The school was telling me that Marc was throwing things, shoving – he was never doing that at home.”

Lilly was often contacted by the school to pick him up. She estimates that he missed 30-40% of school.

“I didn’t realize but picking him up was reinforcing avoidance behavior and rewarding the other behaviors.”

Lilly finally reached a point where she felt they weren’t getting anywhere. A friend and a medical professional both recommended she call Starbridge.

Through her conversations with April Dixon, Family Education Specialist, Lilly got reassurance that her intentions were in the right place, along with constructive advice on working with the school to advocate for Marc’s needs.

Lilly also signed up for Starbridge’s I am My Child’s Best Advocate series last fall.

Of the series, Lilly says, “I like the atmosphere. I can connect with other parents and we validate each other. It almost doubles as a support group. We can say ‘we’re not alone in this.’”

Lilly used her new knowledge to work with Marc’s school team to get additional supports in place. At last report, Marc was staying in school.


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