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Paul is a partner in the firm Stokes Visca & Co LLP CPAs. Paul and his wife, Lisa, are parents to twins Mary and Matthew, and live in Pittsford. Paul has been a board member since 2011.

Paul Visca

Why did you decide to get involved as a board member?

Having a son with Autism, I was interested in getting involved with an organization that provides services to people with Autism and developmental disabilities. I was and still am interested in learning about the programs available as well as how the nonprofit community supports people with disabilities. Some of my interest is unique to getting better prepared in helping our son navigate the future. I also want to volunteer my time and whatever knowledge I can offer to Starbridge.

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Hello Friends,

Greetings on this cold day! Spring is still a long way off, so I hope you are finding ways to enjoy winter.

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Hello Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!

This time of year causes me to think about what I am grateful for. First is our partnership with the individuals and families we serve. It is a sacred relationship and is our reason for being as a service provider.

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If you have ever tried to make a major life change like losing weight, you know support can make a huge difference.

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Legacy LDA Board Member and Steadfast Agency Supporter

My first encounter with the Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) occurred when the part-time coordinator spoke at my first graduate course in 1975. She must have been very impressive because it was not long afterwards that I focused my studies on Special Education and Learning Disabilities in particular.

While all this was occurring, one of my sons was struggling with learning to read. He was frustrated and often asked, “Why is this so hard for me and so easy for everybody else?” Decoding was a struggle but his comprehension was terrific.

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Lisa is the Administrator for the Neuromuscular Disease Division of the Department of Neurology at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Lisa and her husband, Brian, live in Penfield, and have 8 nieces and nephews, and 4 godchildren.

How did you first hear about our organization?

My long-time friend and colleague Lori Barnard-Northrup had mentioned The Advocacy Center’s many services and events to me. I attended a fundraiser for The Advocacy Center, where I had the chance to speak with staff and leadership and learn more about all that the organization offered. I ended up referring friends and family to The Advocacy Center so they could take advantage of the various workshops and services. It was a relief to be able to inform them of the agency since many of them felt at a loss for resources for their children, family members, and friends.

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Hello Friends:

Fall is officially underway and we have a lot going on at Starbridge and in the community.

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Dear Friends:

I hope you are finding ways to stay cool while enjoying summer.

Many of you responded to our survey back in May, and we appreciate your feedback. We are reviewing the results carefully so we can identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement.

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The Kelly for Kids Foundation is known for supporting children with disabilities and children in need throughout western New York. Earlier this year, Starbridge was fortunate to receive a Community Grant of $2,500 to purchase new drums for our TIES drum circles.

New York is beginning its transition to Managed Care, and the first step is moving from Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) to Care Coordination. To achieve conflict-free care management, Medicaid Service Coordinators will no longer be employed by disability services agencies. Instead, they will now be employed by Care Coordination Organizations and will have the job title of Care Coordinators.