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Table of Contents

Incident Reporting Policy & Procedure

Table of Contents

Policy and Procedure

Reporting of Part 624 – Reportable Incidents / Notable Occurrences

Investigative Reports Part 624 – Events or Situations That Fall Under the Auspices of Starbridge

Investigative Review or Reports by OPWDD or the Justice Center

Part 625 – Events Not Under the Auspices of Starbridge

Death of Individual Receiving OPWDD Services

Incident Review Committee Purpose and Function

Incident Review Committee Membership and Training

Training Incident Management

Training of Legal Procedures for Individuals Receiving Services Involved in a Possible Crime

Irregular Situations – Events that Occur Under the Auspices of Another OPWDD Agency

Internal Events

Internal Events Involving Injuries of Unknown Origin

Response to MHL 16.34 Check

Reporting, Notification, Training and IRC Forms

Justice Center Code of Conduct

Justice Center Intake Form

OPWDD 147 – Reportable Incident / Notable Occurrence

Notification Form

Summary Cover Sheet

OPWDD 150 – Events/Situations Outside of Starbridge’s Auspices

Irregular Situation – Part I

IRC Code of Ethics

Internal Event

Knowledge is Power Newsletter (Incident Training for Individuals Receiving Services)

Acknowledgment Form for Incident Management Training (Individuals Receiving Services)

Acknowledgment Form for Incident Management Training (Employees)

Investigative Report Forms

Investigative Report Template

OPWDD 148 – Report on Actions Taken in Response to an Incident

Investigations Notice to Suspect or Subject of Abuse or Neglect

Statewide Central Register (SCR) Check

Irregular Situation – Part II

OPWDD 153 – Directive to Search Abuse/Neglect Records (MHL 16.34)

OPWDD 157 – Substantiated Allegation of Abuse or Neglect Found – Summary

OPWDD 158 – Submission Form for Investigative Record of Abuse/Neglect

OPWDD 158a – Continuation Page for the Submission Form for Investigative Record for Abuse/Neglect

Cover Letter for Disclosure of Investigative Records Subject to Jonathon’s Law

For Individuals Receiving OPWDD Services – Knowledge is Power

OPWDD – Learning About Incidents