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Imagine a future where parents and teachers work together to help students stay on track in school… a future where students complete high school excited for their path to college, trade school, or a great job. 

Imagine a bright, successful future for all young people!

You can help make this future a reality!

Your contribution to Starbridge will provide parents and children the tools they need to be successful in school, and provide at-risk youth with mentoring to reconnect with education or enroll in training programs to prepare for employment.


Your gift could help create a bright future for more people like JaBron Dumas. After a rough adolescence, JaBron found himself at 20 years old without a high school degree and struggling to get a job.

JaBron says, “There were a lot of things I didn’t know how to do. I’m a fast learner and I work hard. I needed guidance.” Imagine if he’d had the supports he needed earlier in life!JaBron web

Starbridge’s Project ESTEEM Navigator Barb Maryniak connected JaBron with workforce training, bus passes to get to tutoring and job fairs, and – most importantly – the encouragement he needed to keep going.

JaBron and Barb kept working together, and JaBron is proud to say he now has a job in food service at the Rochester Psychiatric Center. Barb shares JaBron’s pride in where he is now: “Now JaBron is able to tell people in his life that he is working and he is succeeding.”

Imagine what can be done with your investment in Starbridge! Parents will develop the tools they need to support their children and work with their children’s school teams. Young adults will learn about the many exciting options available to them and develop the skills they need to succeed in education and employment.

We would be so grateful for your support. Your contributions help Starbridge to impact the lives of thousands of people who have disabilities and their families. 

Will you please help with a gift to this year’s annual appeal?

Your donation truly makes a difference.

From all of us at Starbridge, thank you for your support!

~ Mary Richardson, Board Chair, and Colin Garwood, President/CEO


Would you prefer to mail your gift? If so, please mail it to–

Attn: Philanthropy
1650 South Avenue, Suite 200
Rochester, NY 14620

Starbridge is a not-for-profit agency. Your gift may be tax deductible.