We hope you will consider joining our circle of friends by making a gift today! When you give, your donation supports not only individuals needing assistance today, but also fills in the gaps when funding is reduced or discontinued.

In a year’s time, Starbridge helps more than 11,000 people get connected with the HOPE and the HOW – whether that’s in education, employment, community living, or self-direction.

Meet a few of the individuals with disabilities YOUR donation will support:

Jordan’s mother Cloria connected with Starbridge’s Fiscal Intermediary team so that she could start the process of self-directing Jordan’s budget. Many families of young children value the combination of flexibility and control that Self-Direction provides.

The thing that was big for me was staffing. We got to choose our staffing – using family members, people we trusted, versus having other people come in who we maybe didn’t know very well.

We work as a team with our FI at Starbridge. They provided us with a whole world of options for our kids to explore, and to be a part of the community here in Rochester. Self-Direction is a lifesaver for me and my family!

Our TIES program partners students who have disabilities with a trained peer volunteer so that students can participate in extracurricular activities with kids their own age.

Bethany’s mom said:

When Together Including Every Student (TIES) came to our school district, we signed Bethany up immediately. Bethany has gone to choral retreats, the homecoming dance, musical tryouts, and community theater productions. The girls who started out as Bethany’s peer volunteers have become friends and still keep in touch. TIES is a magnificent program.

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) work directly with individuals with disabilities every day – at home, at work, and in the community. Jeneen Miller, Assistant Manager of Residential Services (top row, center) shared:

My passion is to support and encourage people with different abilities to live their best lives, out loud and as vibrant as they choose.

Katherine Cummings, Community Habilitation Counselor (bottom row, right) said:

My favorite parts of the job are seeing the joy on people’s faces when they are happy and helping them do something new.

Please know that your donation will help children and adults with disabilities to achieve their goals. Your support is so important to so many people!

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