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Managing Meltdowns: Strategies to Support You and Your Child A series for families A meltdown happens when someone loses control over their behavior. Whether it’s our own child or someone else’s, we may find ourselves getting frustrated or overwhelmed – and, in turn, we might struggle to manage our own responses.

About the Presenter Aimee Kaple, LPC, LMHC, NCC, has worked in the mental health field for over 20 years. Licensed as a counselor in both New York and Pennsylvania, she enjoys being a resource to those in need of support and providing tools to help people work through the challenges of life. Her counseling experience includes working with people from diverse populations and she is committed to seeing people from all walks of life become empowered to live life to their fullest potential, finding healing and wholeness.

9/26/23 Session 1 Challenging Behaviors and Basics of De-escalation: Register

9/28/23 Session 2 De-escalation Tips and Strategies: Register

10/3/23 Session 3 Building Awareness of Self and Others – Register

10/5/23 Session 4 Improving Relationships through Empathy and Communication –  Register

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