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At Starbridge, we partner with individuals who have disabilities and their families to achieve success in education, employment, and healthy living.

Find out more about:

icon education
  • Early Intervention through preschool (birth to age 5)
  • School age children (ages 5-26)
  • Transition age youth (ages 14-26)
  • Workshops about special education
  • Resources I can view online
  • Working with an educational advocate
icon transition planning
Transition Planning
  • Get on track with school or work goals
  • Workshops on transition planning
  • Resources I can view on my own


icon employment 
  • Pre-employment services
  • Starbridge's internship program
  • Job search
  • Supports on the job
  • Businesses looking to hire
  • Health Professions Opportunity Grant (HPOG)
icon self directed
Self-Directed Services & Supports
  •  Fiscal Intermediary Services


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Family Supports
  • Support with transportation
  • Speak with an advocate
  • Family Reimbursement Program (FRP)
  • TIES Program - Inclusive recreation for youth and young adults
  • Using Self-Direction and Family Support Services
icon home living support
Home & Living Supports
  • Supervised Residences
  • Community Habilitation (Com Hab) Service
  • Family Reimbursement Program (FRP)