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Bridges Masthead March 2019

Formerly The Bridge, our e-newsletter connects people with disabilities, their families, and the community with information and support. The name and tagline of our agency – Starbridge: For the Hope and the How – embody the idea that we offer both the optimism and vision to identify opportunities, as well as the tools and connections to help people get there. Through Bridges we look forward to discovering and sharing the many pathways and choices available to people in achieving lives of personal and professional fulfillment.

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Recent issues of Bridges

 April 2023  Guardianship and Supported Decision-Making
 March 2023  Tips to prepare for hospital and medical visits
 February 2023   Self-Direction Tips
 December 2022  A look back at my top topics from 2022
 October 2022  Inclusive and adaptive recreation activities for children and adults
 September 2022  Intersectionality - Meeting at the crossroads of disability, race, economic status, religion, and gender
 August 2022  Ableism - what it is and why we should care about it
 July 2022  Self-Direction - Living life the way YOU choose
 June 2022  Asking for Help - Finding Strength and Support through Vulnerability
 May 2022  Supporting Mental Health for the Whole Family
 March 2022  Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month - What does it mean to you?
 January 2022  Supporting Your Child's Literacy at Home
 December 2021  Taking Care of Yourself
 November 2021  Developing an Attitude of Gratitude
 October 2021  Disability and Employment
 September 2021  The Importance of Early Intervention
 August 2021  Going Back to School during COVID
 July 2021  Transition: Exploring possibilities after high school
 June 2021  Creating a Circle of Support for your child with a disability
 May 2021  Planning for the Future: Financial Planning
 March 2021  Families as advocates: Activate your power to create positive change
 February 2021  Reducing stress at the dentist's office and during remote learning
 January 2021  Preparing for Your Virtual Annual Review
 December 2020  How do we get support through the IEP during distance learning?
 October 2020  Let your voice be heard! The importance of voting
 August 2020  Intersectionality and Inclusion
 June 2020  Ableism
 April 2020  Choices in special education: Continuum of services and placement
 February 2020  Preparing for the Committee on Special Education annual review 
 January 2020  Anxiety and School Avoidance


Archived Issues of Bridges/The Bridge

December 2019 Let's get together: Social skills and social opportunities
November 2019 A place to live: housing options
October 2019 Self-direction: exploring possibilities
September 2019 Employment – tips and tools
August 2019 Effective communication between home and school
July 2019 Dyslexia: how it affects children and young adults
June 2019 Juggling roles: parenting children with disabilities
May 2019 Executive functioning issues in children and young adults
April 2019  Understanding and Supporting Challenging Behavior in School  
March 2019  Focus on Inclusion
Winter 2018 Direct Support Professionals - [pdf version] or [text version]
Fall 2018 Employment - [pdf version] or [text version]
Summer 2018 Ableism - [pdf version] or [text version]
Spring 2018 Person-Centered Planning - [pdf version] or [text version]
Winter 2017 Guardianship and Supported Decision-Making - [pdf version] or [text version]
Fall 2017 Family-School Communication and Partnerships - [pdf version] or [text version]
Summer 2017 Siblings - [pdf version] or [text version]
Spring 2017 Social Capital - [pdf version] or [text version]
Winter 2016 Transportation - [pdf version] or [text version]
Fall 2016 Self-Direction
Summer 2016 Individualized Employment Options
Spring 2016 Accessible Travel
Winter 2015 Grandparents
Fall 2015 Employment
Summer 2015 What I Want You to Know
Spring 2015 Sports and Recreation
Winter 2014 Transitions
Fall 2014 Giving to Others
Summer 2014 Universal Design for Learning
Spring 2014 Music Therapy
Winter 2013 Health and Wellness
Fall 2013 Celebration of Champions
Summer 2013 A Season of Change
Spring 2013 Faith and Disability
Winter 2012 Person-Centered Planning
Fall 2012 Art Therapy
Summer 2012 The Power of Social Connections
Spring 2012 Support Services and Therapies
Winter 2011 Financial Planning ~ The Basics
Fall 2011 Siblings of Individuals with Disabilities
Summer 2011 Post-Secondary Experiences
Spring 2011 Individualized Education Programs (IEP)



REAL Transition Partners logoACCESS is a monthly digest of transition-related news, perspectives from diverse voices, upcoming events, and resources for young people with disabilities in New York State. Each issue provides timely information on employment, education, and the rapidly changing NYS service systems that affect our community.

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ACCESS is brought to you by REAL Transition Partners, a collaborative project funded by the Rehabilitative Services Administration to help families and young adults with disabilities navigate the transition to productive, independent, and meaningful adult lives. REAL Transition Partners is composed of 26 Parent Centers across the Northeast and the Caribbean.