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Resources WorkshopsStarbridge provides interactive, informative, and inspiring workshops to build knowledge and develop skills. View our online calendar to find currently scheduled workshops.

Our workshop catalog provides details about the many workshops we offer. Topic areas include –

  • Advocacy
  • Behavioral supports
  • Communication and partnerships
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Increasing awareness
  • Medical needs
  • Person-centered approach and planning
  • Self-Directed Services
  • Social Security and ABLE accounts
  • Transitions

To view or download our workshop catalog, please click this link: Starbridge Educational Workshops and Webinars

For school, businesses, and other organizations

Let Starbridge help your organization work more effectively with people who have disabilities and their families. Our experienced presenters are experts in understanding disabilities and in working with groups in a positive, engaging fashion to encourage thinking and acting in positive new ways. Our workshops can also help you meet mandated training requirements for your employees.

Resources Workshops2Would you like to schedule a workshop for your group?

For family members and people who have disabilities, please contact Laura Arrington, Parent Center Coordinator, by phone at 585-224-7332 or email larrington@starbridgeinc.org.

For a school, business, or organization, please contact Joyce Steel, Director of Family Advocacy, by phone at 585-224-7334 or email jsteel@starbridgeinc.org.