What is twice exceptionality? How do families know or figure out if their child is twice exceptional? What can families do to help their twice exceptional child?

Twice exceptionality (2e) is when a person is both gifted, meaning they have abilities in one or more areas well beyond those of same-aged peers, and has a disability. Watch as Amanda Christy, founding member of Gifted New York State, talks about twice exceptionality: what it is, what it isn’t, how parents can support their children, and how families can find support.


About the Presenter:

Amanda Christy is mom to a loving, gregarious, and energetic twice exceptional child. Amanda began 2e Kids ROC in 2018 with the hope of elevating understanding of twice exceptionality in the Rochester region and connecting families of twice exceptional kids. She is also a founding member of Gifted New York State, a graduate of New York State Partners in Policymaking, a support parent for Parent to Parent of NYS, and a participant in Starbridge’s Team Up for Positive Change program.

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