What is twice exceptionality? How do educators know or figure out if their student is twice exceptional? What can schools do to help their twice exceptional students succeed?

Twice exceptionality (2e) is when a person is both gifted, meaning they have abilities in one or more areas well beyond those of same-aged peers, and has a disability. Watch as Dr. Lois Baldwin, National 2E Expert, Consultant, Gifted and Special Education Teacher and Administrator, talks about twice exceptionality: what it is, what it isn’t, and how educators can support their 2E students.

About the Presenter:

Lois Baldwin, Ed.D., was both a teacher of twice exceptional students and an administrator of the Gifted Special Education Program operated by the Southern Westchester BOCES, one of the first programs in the country serving students who were gifted and had learning and emotional needs. She has assisted teachers and staff with curriculum development, student issues, transition planning, assessment and professional development. Dr. Baldwin has served as the chair of the NAGC Twice Exceptional Special Interest Group and the co-facilitator of the 2e Community of Practice. She consulted for the Colorado Department of Education Twice Exceptional Project where she helped to design an on-line course, workshops, training modules, manuals and materials for educators throughout the state. Dr. Baldwin has also taught courses on giftedness and twice exceptionality at multiple universities and co-authored several articles on educating twice exceptional students.

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